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What is Grabr “Travel Squad?”
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How do I create an order?
Can I order anything?
Can I request two items in one order?
What happens after I create an order?
My order has no delivery offers.
Can I message potential travelers?
I received a delivery offer. What now?
I want to offer my traveler more money.
Why can’t I edit the traveler fee for my order?
I accepted a delivery offer. What now?
Do I have to accept a delivery offer?
When am I charged for my order?
Who pays for the item?
Why does my traveler buy my item?
Why do I need to pay in advance?
Can I pay with my local currency?
My credit card won’t work.
Why is my money put in escrow?
Is my banking information kept private?
Why is there a service fee?
What is a traveler fee?
Will I be charged a fee by my bank?
Can you explain all the fees I’m seeing in the order form?
Can I have a coupon code?
Why does Travel Squad keep canceling my orders?
How do I contact my traveler?
Where do I pick up my order?