For shoppers

What is Grabr “Travel Squad?”
Who pays for the item?
Why does Travel Squad keep canceling my orders?
Can you explain all the fees I’m seeing in the order form?
I already ordered my item but it’s in another city. Can a traveler bring it to my current location?
Will I be charged a fee by my bank?
Can I have a coupon code?
My traveler isn't responding.
My traveler didn't show up.
Cyber Monday 2017
My order has no delivery offers.
My order arrived without packaging.
Where do I pick up my order?
Why does my traveler buy my item?
Do I get a full refund if a traveler cancels my order?
How do I contact my traveler?
I accepted a delivery offer. What now?
Do I have to accept a delivery offer?
I want to cancel my order.
How do I create an order?
What happens if my traveler cancels my order?
What happens after I create an order?
Is my banking information kept private?
Why is there a service fee?
What is a traveler fee?
My order should have already been delivered.
Why can’t I edit the traveler fee for my order?
Can I message potential travelers?
How do I know that my traveler will deliver my order?
My traveler won’t reply to my messages.