I am a shopper, can I cancel my order?

For shoppers

Because of how Grabr works, sometimes you may or may not be able to cancel your order. In any case, your money is 100% protected! Meaning you either get the product you paid for, or you get your money back.



There are two possible scenarios you may identify with:

1. I have not accepted a traveler’s offer, can I cancel the order?

By all means you can! If you haven’t accepted an offer or if the order has not been matched with a new traveler, to cancel it, just head to your order, click on “Order details” and then on the “cancel order” button on the order page.


2. I have accepted a traveler’s offer, can I cancel the order?

If you have already accepted a traveler’s offer, you can cancel your order if:

  • The traveler has not responded to your messages for more than 48 hrs. If there’s no response from your traveler, please contact Grabr support so we can mediate and try to get ahold of your traveler. If Grabr doesn’t receive a response after 48 hrs, we will cancel your order after you confirm your preferred refund method: Instant Match (get a new traveler), refund to your Grabr Wallet or to the original payment method.
  • The item received is broken, damaged or not what was requested. The order should be refused upon delivery, so please be sure to properly test and inspect your product at that time. If this didn’t happen, you have 24 hrs to report this to your traveler and to Grabr. Claims received after 24 hrs cannot be cancelled, and will depend solely on the traveler’s ability to travel back to exchange the product with the retailer.
  • The order was cancelled by your traveler and has not been matched with a new one. If your traveler cancelled the delivery of your order, we’ll republish it to try to find you a new traveler that can deliver it on a nearby date and for the same price. If the order has not yet been matched, you may cancel the order by clicking on “Order details” and then on the “cancel order” button on the order page, then you can choose a refund to your Grabr Wallet or to the original payment method.


If you have already accepted a traveler’s offer, you can’t cancel your order if:

  • You changed your mind. Purchases on Grabr are final due to the type of service we provide. As travelers purchase the products with their own money, cancellations will impact them in different ways, as they may not be able to return the product to the retailer due to different reasons, such as non-return policies or return windows closed, which may make them lose the invested money when purchasing your product.
  • The product received is not what was expected. If an online store or seller is not describing an item accurately, this affects shoppers, regardless if you obtain the item through Grabr or directly from the seller. We, therefore, recommend ordering from only reputable retailers, many of which can be found here. If the shop where the item is requested turns out to be unreliable, the item you ordered is used, or if the vendor does not accept returns, the traveler will not be responsible and therefore, Grabr's money-back guarantee will not apply.
  • The order was matched with a new traveler. If a new traveler is matched with your order, and you would like to see if a cancellation may be possible, please contact your traveler via the Grabr messenger. Travelers are often willing to cancel the order from their end if they haven’t purchased your item yet, though cancellation cannot be guaranteed.
  • The order is delayed. It may happen that your traveler's flight is delayed or rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. Grabr will ask travelers for proof of this to ensure the traveler is compliant with our Terms of Service. However, your payment is still 100% protected. Orders can’t always be cancelled if the product is already purchased but you still may be able to check this with your traveler via the Grabr messenger, still, the cancellation won’t always be guaranteed by Grabr.

If you are located in Colombia, you may initiate a return within five days of receiving your order by contacting us.

If you need assistance, our Grabr support team will be happy to assist you to have the best possible experience, click here to get that started 📩


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