Who are Grabr Travelers?

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travelerpic2.pngYour Gateway to the Shopping the World

Travelers offer fast, friendly, personalized delivery of products from all over the world.

Your Grabr traveler is from a community of well-travelled individuals who will deliver your item quickly, securely and affordably to your city. Travelers not only get you products from around the world while saving money, but also give you the opportunity to meet individuals from all over the world and make interesting connections. 



100% Money Back Guarantee

Peace of Mind.

Our community of travelers purchase your items with their own money. They do not receive payment for your item until they deliver it to you. This is the foundation for ensuring you get your item delivered securely. Learn more about our money back guarantee here.




Verified & Vetted

All of our travelers are verified and our shoppers are able to rate and review all users ensuring that our community of travelers meet our standards. 




Our travelers are willing to make recommendations regarding products from their home countries! Many of our travelers are even able to communicate in your native language, as well as English.




Our travelers love to explore the world. As such, they will meet with you in a public space in your city to not only explore the city, but to guarantee a safe and efficient delivery of your product.




Grabr has you covered with clear pricing, delivery windows and a strong traveler rating system (shoppers rate all purchases and can flag travelers that provide a poor experience or violate terms) which ensures your traveler offers an excellent shopping experience.

Traveler Profiles



Ko Im

Lives: New York, NY, USA

Last Trip: Buenos Aires, Argentina

I love meeting people from all over the world. Grabr is a wonderful way to make new friends and gave me the chance to finally check Buenos Aires off my bucket list. I got to easily meet new friends and deliver items, and of course, explored the city with my eyes, tapas and steak!



Oneika Raymond

Lives: New York, NY, USA

Last Trip: São Paulo

Grabr has allowed travel to open so many doors for me. It’s turned me into a storyteller, opened my eyes to the beauty that exists in this world, and taught me about how other people live. Because of travel, I now speak four languages, readily eat foods I can’t pronounce and navigate foreign cultures with ease.



Alyssa Ramos

Lives: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Last Trip: Lima, Peru

As a full-time travel blogger, travel is my passion. Grabr empowers me to live my passions, as the money I made covered the cost of my hotel room for three nights, transportation to and from the airport, Tango classes, and a couple of delicious meals with Malbec wine.

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