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Grabr is a global community marketplace that allows people to get unique or hard-to-find items from around the world by connecting them with travelers headed their way. Grabr is the safe, fast and friendly way to get anything from anywhere in the world and earn money on the road. Watch this quick video to better understand:


If you want to buy from abroad

Grabr is the best way to shop for products abroad that aren't available in your country or are too expensive locally. You can order almost anything on Grabr, such as baby clothes, toys for kids, tech gadgets, and even nutritional supplements.


1) Find the product you want at any online store. Copy the link and paste it into Grabr creation page here

  • Take a few seconds to enter product details, such as the color, size, model, etc, to your order. 
  • Verify the price matches the price on the website from your item is listed. 


2) Complete in our page where you are located and when you want your item.

  • Select the city you live in
  • Select how long you are willing to wait for your item. 


3) Confirm and publish your order.

  • You'll see an estimated total after any sales tax and applicable fees. This is not the final price because you will receive offers from travelers. You will be able to select the offer you prefer that works best for you from one of travelers. Once you accept the offer, you'll see the final price before confirming it
  • You won't be charged until you accept a delivery offer from a traveler. If you have any questions about any offer received, you can send a message to the traveler before accepting its offer. 


4) Accept the delivery offer and pay

  • After you accept a delivery offer from a traveler you will be redirected to the payment page. You will only accept the offer after the payment approval
  • You will be charged after you accept the offer and payment approval. But, don't worry your money will be safe with Grabr and we will only send it to the traveler after you confirm the item delivery.


5) Meet your traveler 

  • You should keep in touch with your travel as their arrival date approaches. You must be in touch with them by Grabr messenger
  • Remember to meet your traveler in a public place. You can learn more about our trust and safety guidelines
  • Check your product delivered is alright and confirm you have received it in our app or website. 
  • If you notice any issue with your order after receiving it, please contact our support team within 24 hours of receiving your order.


Order with Grabr


How to travel and make money

Subsidize your trip every time you travel with Grabr. Not only will you make money traveling, but you’ll also meet awesome locals along the way.

Shoppers request all sorts of items, from designer clothes and stuffed animals to makeup, jewelry, and the latest tech gadgets. When making delivery offers, make sure that the item will easily fit inside your suitcase.


1) Let us know about your next trip here

  • Please, enter a trip date based on your flight and scheduled arrival date.


2) Verify your phone number and set up the payout method.


3) Verify your identity 

  • Community safety is our top priority at Grabr. This is why you will be asked to verify your identity before making your first offer for your upcoming trip.
  • You can learn more about identity verification here.


4) Browse for orders you can deliver and make offers to them. 

  • Check the price matches correctly to the price from the store website the item is listed before making an offer. You can send a message to the shopper alerting about any issue with the order by messenger
  • Be sure that any additional amount that you expect to pay is included in your delivery offer too. Check for shipping costs to your address and customs fees. Please, make sure to keep all receipts. 


5) Buy the item as soon as possible, once you got your offer accepted by the shopper. 

  • You can message your shopper by messenger to confirm any missing details in order to buy the correct item. You have to purchase it with your own money using the link provided in the shopper's order. It’s important to keep the item’s receipt in case your shopper or Grabr requests it. Your shopper has already paid for it, Grabr keeps the money in escrow for safety. 


6) Meet your shopper and get your payment.

  • Keep in touch with your shopper as the arrival date approaches.
  • Pack the items in your suitcase and make sure you have all your delivery items. 
  • Remember to meet your shopper in a public place. You can learn more about our trust and safety guidelines here
  • Encourage your shopper to inspect the item delivered by you, and confirm you have delivered their order in our app or website. You will be reimbursed for it and paid the reward altogether within 3 - 15 business days after confirmation. 
  • Please, if you have any doubts or issues, contact our support team


Important note: Any transactions made outside of Grabr platform violate our Terms of Service. For community safety, we will deactivate the accounts that attempt to transact outside of the platform. 


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