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What is the Grabr Prime beta?


The Grabr Prime beta is the first version of an exciting new Grabr feature. By becoming a Grabr Prime member and paying for an annual subscription, you can order unlimited products from abroad with no Grabr fees.  There is also no limit on the price of products you purchase.


We’re inviting some shoppers in select cities to test it and provide feedback before expanding Grabr Prime.


What benefits does a Grabr Prime membership come with?

Grabr Prime beta members enjoy these exclusive perks:


  • Unlimited orders with no Grabr fee (refunded after delivery confirmation within 10 business days)
  • Priority WhatsApp support in your language
  • We’re working on more Grabr perks!


What fees are refunded on each order?


As a Grabr Prime member, you will be refunded the Grabr fee you pay for an order after delivery confirmation within 10 business days.


We charge a Grabr fee for each order to cover operating costs and salaries to help us grow and provide a better service for you. With Grabr Prime, you have unlimited orders without Grabr fees and the annual membership fee you pay makes it viable for us.


Payment processing fees are not refunded. They are charged by our payment providers and these fees go directly to them, not Grabr.


How will the Grabr fee be refunded?


During the Grabr Prime beta, we are refunding Grabr fees for orders after you confirm their delivery.


This means as a Grabr Prime member, you will first pay the Grabr fee when accepting an offer. After you confirm you received your order, the fee will be refunded within 10 days of delivery confirmation.

When and how will I receive my refund?


You can choose between two options to receive your Grabr fee refund:


  • Refund to your credit card or bank account in the currency you paid in: within 10 business days after delivery confirmation.*
  • Refund to your Grabr Wallet in US dollars: within 3 business days after delivery confirmation.


Is there a limit to the number of orders I can place without a Grabr fee as a Prime member?


There is no limit! You can place as many orders as you want without a Grabr fee while you are a Grabr Prime member and your subscription is active. There is also no limit on the price of products you purchase.


How do I pay for the Grabr Prime membership?


After you sign up on the special page we linked to in your invite, we’ll email you a payment link from our payment processor (dLocal or Ebanx). You can pay with:


  • Credit card
  • Cash payment


How long is a Grabr Prime membership?


It lasts for 1 year from the day that you paid for your subscription. For example, if you paid on November 1st, your membership will be active until October 31 of next year.


After your membership expires, you can contact us to pay the annual fee ($75) and renew your membership for another year


In what currency can I pay for a Grabr Prime membership?


In your local currency.


How do I sign up for the Grabr Prime beta?


We are sending invites to select users in a few markets to join Grabr Prime.


Haven’t received an invite and would like to become a member? Contact customer support, we’re happy to help! Right now, you have to be from Sao Paulo, Brazil or Buenos Aires, Argentina to join.


How do I know when my Grabr Prime membership is active?


Once you pay the annual membership fee and we confirm your payment, you will receive an email from customer support confirming that your Grabr Prime membership is active.


Can I sign up for Grabr Prime even before I accept my first order on Grabr?


Yes! If you haven't accepted your first order yet and received an invite to the Grabr Prime beta, you can pay for your membership and save on the Grabr fee for your first order. Plus an unlimited number of orders during your membership.


How do I contact priority support?


After you pay the annual membership fee and we confirm your payment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access WhatsApp priority support.

Will I receive extra benefits during my Grabr Prime membership?


Yes, we guarantee that you can pay the same price for your annual membership ($75 USD) the next year and you’ll have access to any new benefits we add. Even if the membership fee increases and we add new features, you’ll be able to renew at the same price next year.


What if I don't receive delivery offers?


Currently, we only offer the Grabr Prime beta to shoppers in our two markets (São Paulo, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina) where many Grabr travelers make deliveries. As a Grabr Prime member from one of these cities, this means you have a great chance to receive offers on your orders if the products are from a well-known store and your order details are correct.


If you do not receive delivery offers on your orders because the product is from a less trustworthy store or your order details are incorrect, Grabr is not responsible for this and your Grabr Prime membership is not eligible for a refund.


*Important: Starting from February 28th, 2023, all Grabr fee refunds for amounts below $30, paid for orders you received, will automatically be refunded to your Grabr Wallet, until the amount accumulated is at least $60. Once the amount in your Grabr Wallet reaches $60, please reach out to us here, so we can help you make the refund to your original payment method, if desired.


Subscription termination

Grabr reserves the right to terminate the subscription of any member who violates our Terms of Use or Code of Conduct at any time with a written notice.


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