What is Grabr's Money Back Guarantee?

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 If you don't receive your item, you will receive your money back! 

Grabr is a community built on trust and safety. We have a number of measures in place to ensure that you'll get your requested item, otherwise, your payment will be refunded. 


Grabr's money-back guarantee covers you when:

  • You didn't receive your order on the delivery date you agreed with your traveler and they have not messaged you about a possible delay.
  • You received a different item than requested or your item was not purchased from the retailer you agreed on.
  • You received a broken or damaged item or the order you received was in a different condition than what was described on the product page.

If any of this happens, please refuse to receive the item and contact Grabr support.

If there is ever an issue with your order after you confirm delivery, please reach out to your traveler. Our travelers normally work with shoppers to resolve issues. In the rare event that your traveler is unable to assist, you have up to 24 hours to report the issue, we have a 24/7 customer support team ready to assist you. You can learn more about communicating with your traveler here: How do I communicate with my traveler?


Here are some steps to ensure you get your item as requested and allow us to best assist you:

  •  Communicate through Grabr messenger

Communicating through our built-in messenger allows us to assist in the rare event that there is a dispute between shopper and traveler. Messages sent outside of the Grabr messenger cannot be verified and therefore cannot be used in the event that one party is breaking our terms of use


  •  Check that the item is not damaged

Upon meeting your traveler, please take the time to inspect your item. Travelers are informed that you will need time to inspect your Grab and are willing to assist. By confirming the delivery of your item, you agree that the product you receive was as requested.


  • Ask for receipts

Always ask your traveler over the Grabr messenger to send you an electronic copy of receipts for purchases they make. Receipts help ensure that the products you request are genuine and brand new.


  • Order from reputable retailers

Travelers are responsible for delivering your item according to the purchase link you provide them. If an online store or seller is not describing an item accurately, this affects shoppers, regardless if you obtain the item through Grabr or directly from the seller. We, therefore, recommend ordering from only reputable retailers, many of which can be found here.

If the shop where the item is requested turns out to be unreliable, the traveler will not be responsible and therefore Grabr's money-back guarantee will not apply.


  • Message the traveler if there are any issues with the product

Travelers in our community are extremely helpful. If you notice any issues with your product after delivery, please message your traveler as soon as possible in Grabr messenger. If they are still in your city, most travelers will still have the opportunity to take the product back for a return if the item is broken. You have up to 24 hours to report an issue after confirming delivery.


  • Only order products that are permitted by our terms of service

You cannot order any item that is illegal in your country. Additionally, items that are particularly large, heavy or bulky may not receive any delivery offers because it will be difficult to transport.


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