When am I charged for my order?


After creating and publishing your order in Grabr you'll see an estimated total after any sales tax and applicable fees. This is not the final price because you will receive offers from travelers. You will be able to select the offer you prefer that works best for you from one of the travelers. Once you accept the offer, you'll see the final price before confirming it. 

You won't be charged until you accept a delivery offer from a traveler. After you accept a delivery offer from a traveler you will be redirected to the payment page. You will only accept the offer after the payment approval. 

You'll be charged after your payment goes through. In some cases, our payment processor or your bank may block the transaction, here are a few reasons why. But, don't worry your money will be safe with Grabr and we will only send it to the traveler after you confirm the item delivery.


Travelers will only receive your payment once you have confirmed the delivery of your item.

Grabr has a money-back guarantee if you do not receive your item, offline payments are therefore not accepted.

To learn more about how we keep both shoppers and travelers safe, please visit our trust and safety page.

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