Why do I need to buy my shopper’s item?

For travelers

There are three main reasons why it’s important to buy your shopper’s item.

  • to ensure that you know exactly what item you are packing into your suitcase.
  • to comply with TSA and air security regulations around the world.
  • to prevent financial fraud or risk that your shopper will not show up or the chance of a traveler taking the item.

Since you will be the one buying the item, you will know what you are packing. However, make sure that the item is allowed into the country you are traveling to. Here is a good resource for prohibited and restricted items (CBP).  

When following the instructions below, always communicate with your shoppers to let them know how you plan to bring the items they want. If you plan to remove the original packing, it's a good idea to let them know as well.




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