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Ratings and reviews are a great way for you to share the experiences you've had with other shoppers and travelers and learn about their experiences with a shopper or traveler. The Grabr community is based on trust and we expect everyone to leave reviews that are fair, honest and relevant and to abide by our Review Policy.


While Grabr does not mediate disputes concerning the truth or fairness of reviews, if you feel that a review you received was unfair and does not reflect what happened, you can reach out to your shopper or traveler on Grabr messenger to understand where they may be coming from and agree together what to do.


We may intervene or remove reviews that violate our Review Policy.


1. Reviews must abide by our Trust & Safety Policy and Code of Conduct


Reviews must abide by our Trust and Safety rules and Code of Conduct to protect you and other Grabr members. We do not tolerate any harassment or illegal activity and doing so may cause your Grabr account to be suspended or permanently blocked.


2. Reviews should not include any personal information


To protect the privacy and identity of Grabr members, reviews should not include any personal information about you or your shopper or traveler such as full name, phone number, address, links to social media profiles and more.


3. Reviews should be made honestly and willingly


  • Reviews should reflect your honest experience with a shopper or traveler, while keeping in mind which factors may have been outside of their control.
  • While you can remind a shopper or traveler to leave you a review, do not ask them to leave you a positive review or try to influence what they share about their experience with you.
  • Shoppers and travelers should not be obligated to leave a review in order to receive or deliver an order.
  • If you try to delay delivering or receiving an order to avoid a possible bad review, our support team may cancel the order.


4. Reviews should not contain offensive, harmful or unrelated information

Reviews should not contain:

  • Profane and obscene language and/or emojis
  • Information not related to your experience with your shopper or traveler and the specific order you received or delivered
  • Religious, political or social views
  • Threatening, embarrassing or harassing comments
  • Information about services not related to Grabr
  • Information about past orders or deliveries with the same traveler or shopper

5. Reporting a review that violates our policy


If you receive or see a review that violates this policy, please contact our support team.


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