Instant Match Orders

General info

Instant Match orders are orders where a shopper has already paid for the order. Travelers don’t need to make delivery offers and wait for them to be accepted. Travelers can instantly pick up any Instant Match orders! 


There are two ways that an order can be an Instant Match order:


  • Shopper accepted a previous offer from a traveler, which was later cancelled by the traveler. This order goes back to the feed as an Instant Match order so that a new traveler can quickly accept and deliver the item.


  • Shopper already paid for their order in order to lock down a confirmed price. 


As a traveler, you can easily filter your orders by type in order to see Instant Match orders. Simply click on "Start delivery" to add these orders to your trip and get paid to deliver them. It's that easy!


Aside from easily adding an order to your trip, delivering Instant Match orders is no different than any other order: you buy the product, communicate with your shopper and deliver the order and get paid! 



Pro tip: For Instant Match orders, please double check to ensure the product price is correct and that there are no extra shipping costs.

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