Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020: Terms + Conditions

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What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

On Nov 27 - Nov 30, 2020 Grabr shoppers around the world can get the best deals of the year by shopping online.


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How to Shop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

1- Find the product you want at any US online store for example:,,, etc. Create your order on Grabr during the sale (27 - 30 of November)  

NOTE: To avoid cancellations, make sure you don’t request a product that is a “Lightning Deal”, as prices and availability change fast. 

2- Receive offers from the travelers coming to your city 

3- Accept the offer from a traveler right away and pay on Grabr to secure price and availability

4- Receive your product from your traveler 


How do I secure the sale price? 

To secure the best price and product, accept offers from travelers as soon as you receive them.

Request to top up your Grabr Wallet now so you can have funds ready to accept an offer immediately. 

To avoid cancellations, we recommend NOT creating orders for Lightning deals, as those expire quickly and maybe there will be no time for your traveler to order it.

Please note that delivery times may take longer than usual due to the current situation. Please keep this in mind when accepting an offer.

Last but not least, remember that in the unfortunate case that your delivery gets canceled by your traveler, you may opt to receive your refund immediately in your Grabr Wallet in US$ so that you may easily accept any other offers at the exchange rate you locked in when making your original payment.


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How can I guarantee the shopper's items during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? 

Before making offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders, ensure that you can order the products immediately as soon as your offer is accepted to secure the deal. Most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales don’t last long and you will have to act quickly to secure your orders. 

Remember not to make offers on “Lightning Deals” - as price and availability change fast.

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