What is the Grabr CashCard?

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Grabr CashCard is a US Prepaid virtual credit card that is available to our shoppers and travelers. This card may be used online wherever VISA credit cards are accepted. 


Who can receive a Grabr CashCard?

Any shopper or traveler who is 18 years or older qualifies for the Grabr CashCard! 

We want our entire community to enjoy the benefits of making purchases with a US credit card. Unlike most traditional credit cards, Grabr CashCard does not require a credit check, social security number or approval process. 


How do I obtain a Grabr CashCard?

Due to popular demand, there is currently a waitlist to obtain new cards. As we process all applicants based on when they sign up for the waitlist, we recommend signing up today. Once we reach you, we'll send you a link to purchase your Grabr CashCard. You will not be charged and there is no obligation to complete your purchase.

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How does the Grabr CashCard save me money?

For purchases made overseas, you'll save a lot of money by using Grabr CashCard over your traditional credit card. Please note that your savings will vary based on the issuing bank and country of your traditional credit card.

For example, Argentinian card holders will only be subject to an Impuesto Pais of 8% rather than 30%! Brazilian card holders will enjoy making purchases without being charged the tourism exchange rate (dólar turismo). 

You can see how Paula, from Argentina, saves with Grabr CashCard**:


cashcardencropped.png**Paula’s savings are not indicative of savings that will be realized on all transactions made with Grabr CashCard. The listed MercadoLibre pricing is from the price and exchange rates on 6 April 2020. Actual realized savings will vary based on a number of factors, such your country of residence, time of purchase, purchase amount and your current credit card policies. You will be able to determine your actual savings by comparing the cost of Grabr CashCard to the policies of your current credit cards for international purchases.  


What are some other benefits offered by Grabr CashCard?

Grabr CashCard opens a world of possibilities for our global community. Not only will you be able to make online purchases anywhere a US VISA card is accepted, you'll be able to make purchases more cheaply. 

Order from millions of online stores.

Grabr CashCard can be used online wherever VISA credit cards are accepted.

- Pay in installments.

You have the option to purchase Grabr CashCard in up to 12 installments (in most of our markets), thus giving you the flexibility to enjoy the benefits of installments, even if the stores you purchase from do not offer installments!

- Fee-free

There are no monthly fees, interest fees or maintenance fees with Grabr CashCard!

- Enjoy peace of mind with card protection

Grabr CashCard is secured by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the United States. If your card information is stolen, all fraudulent transactions over $50 are protected.


Can I use Grabr CashCard at brick and mortar retailers?

Yes, but as Grabr CashCard is a virtual card, it can only be used by brick and mortar retailers that accept Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Is the Grabr CashCard right for me?

If you already have a US credit card, you'll already enjoy most of the benefits that the Grabr CashCard offers with your current US credit card.

Grabr CashCard is right for you if you do not already have a US credit card. 


Can I obtain a Grabr CashCard if I'm not a US citizen?

Yes! We want to ensure that our global community has access to the benefits of a US credit card. The only requirement for obtaining a Grabr CashCard is that you are at least 18 years of age. 


Are there any restrictions on purchases I can make with CashCard?

In line with US and international financial regulations, CashCard may only be used for legal purchases for items and services which are not prohibited by law.

CashCard cannot be used to withdraw cash or transfer money through money transfer services. Additionally, CashCard cannot be used to purchase or exchange cryptocurrrencies at the current time.


How much does a Grabr CashCard cost?

Pricing will vary based on your country of residence and method of payment. Once you receive your payment link to purchase CashCard, you'll be able to see all available methods of payments and final pricing before completing your purchase. This will allow you to compare the exact savings you will enjoy by using Grabr CashCard for your overseas purchases as opposed to your traditional credit card. 


How much value should I put on my Grabr CashCard? 

As Grabr CashCard won't authorize you to make purchases greater than the amount remaining on your card, we recommend putting enough value on your Grabr CashCard to make the purchases you want.

Please be sure to add enough to cover the product price, US sales tax and any shipping costs that you may be charged by the stores you wish to purchase from. 


Can I combine values of multiple Grabr CashCards into one?

No, the value on Grabr CashCards is non-transferable.


Can I top up the value remaining on my Grabr CashCard?

Yes! We are currently working on giving you the ability to do this via our website. If you need to top up the value on your Grabr CashCard, please email us and we'll process your request within 24 hours. If you already have a Grabr CashCard, you won't need to join any waitlist to top up your card. 


How much balance can I have on my Grabr CashCard?

When you first purchase your Grabr CashCard, you'll be able to add any desired balance between $25 - $10,000. 

Once used, the CashCard can be used until the balance is $0. It is not possible to have a negative balance on the CashCard and purchases will not be authorized by the bank if a purchase amount exceed the balance of the CashCard. 

The maximum balance that may be on the CashCard is $10,000. 


How can I check the remaining balance on my Grabr CashCard? 

When your Grabr CashCard is issued, you'll be provided with an international toll-free phone number which you may call to receive an automated response stating your balance. This service is currently only offered in English and Spanish. If you require language assistance, please reach out to us and we'll be more than happy to provide you with your remaining balance. 

We're working on implementing your balance history directly into our website if you opt in for this feature. We'll keep you updated and let you know as soon as it's ready! 


Are there any fees I must pay for holding a Grabr CashCard? 

Nope! There are no monthly fees, interest fees or maintenance fees with Grabr CashCard.


My card was lost or stolen. Is there any way to help me?

Yes! One of the benefits of the CashCard is that you will enjoy peace of mind in case either of these situations happen. 

As Grabr CashCard is a virtual card, you won't be able to lose the card, but if you forget your card information at anytime, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll reissue you a copy of your card. 

If your card information is stolen, all against fraudulent transactions over $50 are protected. Grabr CashCard offers you legal protections under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the United States, even if you are not a US citizen! If you notice any unauthorized purchases made with your card, please contact us right away so that we may assist. 

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