Traveling on Grabr during COVID-19

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There’s a lot of uncertainty around the coronavirus (COVID-19) and whether or not it will impact your travel plans and deliveries. To help support travelers, we’re tracking your questions and answering some of them here. We’ll keep updating this page as the situation evolves and as more answers become available.


What do I have to do if I am not able to deliver orders on time because of flight restrictions and quarantine due to Coronavirus?

We’re making all  shoppers aware about delays caused by the Coronavirus. Most  shoppers understand that all international travelers are affected by this and are understanding of delays. We recommend keeping in touch with your shoppers with any updates. To easily message all of your shoppers at once, you can click “message shoppers” on your  trip page.


For help with a specific delivery, trip or question, reach us directly on WhatsApp. 


Should I meet my shoppers in person for the deliveries, or should I do something else to avoid personal contact?

We want our entire community to stay safe. Be proactive about social distancing: avoid meeting in crowded public places, and direct physical contact during your deliveries.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends maintaining at least one meter, or 3 feet, away from others.

If you traveled from an impacted area and the country you traveled to requires quarantine, we recommend as a good option to arrange local courier deliveries with popular services such as Rappi or Loggi, who will safely deliver items to your shoppers.  

There’s more news about the coronavirus every day. What’s the best way for me to stay informed?

To help keep our community up-to-date on global news, we’re regularly updating this article with information on rapidly evolving travel restrictions and allowances for our most popular countries, global travel operator policies (flights, hotels, tours, etc.), and traveler wellness tips and entertainment during this time. 


Would these delays impact my reputation as a traveler?

In response to current events  we’ve implemented changes in our traveler rating system so that travelers are not impacted by delayed deliveries related to travel interruptions during this time. Remember, it's  important to keep communicating with your shoppers about changes in the delivery dates and if you have already purchased the products.

To easily message all of your shoppers at once, you can click “message shoppers” on your  trip page. 



I plan to travel again once current restrictions are lifted. Can I start planning for those trips, to keep earning an income, now?

Yes! We’ve extended the delivery windows on orders to 90 days, so that you have more flexibility to plan your trip and will see  more orders to choose from to secure your earnings in advance.

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What should I do if I already purchased the items (some of them non-returnable) but some of my shoppers won't accept the extended new delivery date? 

We’re here to help! Reach us directly on WhatsApp. 


I have to completely cancel my trip, but I am not able to return items, how can you help me?

We’re here to help! Reach us directly on WhatsApp. 


I still have a question. Who should I contact?

We understand the uncertainty this unexpected situation can cause, and we’ve got you covered. 


For any questions not answered here, reach us directly on WhatsApp. 




Thank you for your continued support and participation in our global community at this time. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to the open skies on the other side.

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