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The situation with coronavirus changes every day and we try to update information as often as possible. To help support our community we are tracking the questions from shoppers and answering them. We’ll keep updating this page as the situation evolves and as more answers become available.


What do I have to do if my traveler would not arrive on time for the agreed delivery date?

We understand that some travelers might be affected by travel interruptions. We are working directly with travelers to support them, to help avoid cancellations for you. During this time, thank you for your patience and understanding with delivery delays caused by quarantine measures or unexpected travel changes. Your travelers will remain in touch with you, but if you need any assistance, Reach out to us and we’ll be glad to assist.


Can I cancel my order if the traveler is not arriving on time because of COVID-19?

As travelers purchase products with their own money and travel interruptions are out of their control, please contact your traveler directly to obtain updates about your deliveries. Most travelers will be able to deliver your item to you once travel restrictions are lifted. During this time, thank you for your patience and understanding with delivery delays caused by quarantine measures or unexpected travel changes. In the event that a traveler is unable to deliver, they’ll cancel the order. Want to know more about this topic? Click here.


I still want to order on Grabr but I don't know if I should do it yet or if I have to wait until flight restrictions are over. 

There is no need to wait, and we have made a few important updates to ensure that you continue to have access to the products you love at this time:

  • We’ve extended the recommended delivery window to 90 days, to accommodate travel restrictions along some of our most popular routes.

Choose this option when creating your orders, to allow time for restrictions to lift, and travelers to confidently commit to delivering them to you 

  • We’ve added an “Anytime” delivery window, to provide the most flexibility to travelers, if your order is not time-sensitive.

As more information becomes available, this article will contain our most up-to-date actions in response to the evolving changes.  

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I am not comfortable meeting with the traveler who is coming from an impacted area. How can I get my order without meeting in person?

If you’re worried about meeting with a traveler coming from an impacted area, we understand your concern. We want our entire community to stay safe. We recommend avoiding direct physical contact during your deliveries and avoid meeting in crowded public places.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends maintaining at least one meter, or 3 feet, away from others.

To keep peace of mind, we recommend as a good option to arrange local courier deliveries with popular services such as Rappi and Loggi, who will safely deliver items to you.


My traveler is not answering me and I don’t know the status of my order, what should I do?

We’re sorry to hear this. We are working directly with travelers to support them and ensure that they keep you updated about your order status.

Please be aware of the high volume of messages that travelers may be receiving at this time, in addition to making urgent and unexpected changes to their international travel plans. 

In the event that your traveler does not respond for more than 48 hours, please reach out to us and we'll be glad to assist.


My traveler had to cancel my order, but I still want my item. Can you help?

Absolutely! When your item is cancelled, it becomes available for other travelers heading to your city to take. Once another traveler confirms your order, you’ll automatically be notified. If you do not get another traveler, you’ll be refunded in full and we recommend placing another order. We’ve updated our recommended delivery window to 90 days, to allow time for recent restrictions to lift, so there will be more travelers available to deliver your item. 


I still have questions. Who should I contact?

We understand the uncertainty this unexpected situation can cause, and are standing by to help.

For any questions not answered here, reach our support team.


Thank you for your continued support, your flexibility and understanding is a vote of confidence in this community we are building together.

Stay healthy, 

❤️ Grabr Team

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