Holiday 2018: “Confirmed Travelers” Terms and Conditions

For travelers
  • “Confirmed Travelers” have provided Grabr team proof of travel and have verified a delivery date between November 20th and December 20th, 2018.
    • You can apply to be a “Confirmed Traveler” HERE.
  • Bonus only applies to “Confirmed Travelers” who complete deliveries between 12AM (EST) November 24 through 11:59PM (EST) December 20, 2018.
    • $125 USD bonus for 10 Deliveries
    • $250 USD bonus for 25 Deliveries
    • $700 USD bonus for 50+ Deliveries
    • “Confirmed Traveler” Bonus:
  • “Confirmed Travelers” who are not eligible for the “Confirmed Traveler” Bonus can still get the standard Traveler Bonus ($100 USD for first 10 Deliveries).
  • "Confirmed Traveler" Bonuses replace (are not in addition to) the standard Traveler Bonus
  • Bonus payments may arrive as a separate credit to the PayPal or bank account linked to your Grabr profile by January 10th, 2019. (i.e. if you completed 10 deliveries you may receive $100 and then $25 at a later date by January 10)
  • If a “Confirmed Traveler” does not complete their deliveries by December 20th, their Traveler Rating score will be affected and in extreme cases, could be grounds to remove them from the Grabr platform.
  • “Confirmed Travelers” badge appears next to “Community Rating” badge.


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