Can I cancel my order?

For eBay Shoppers

Yes, you may cancel your order at any time before a traveler has been matched. You can see if a traveler has been matched at the top of your order page.


If you see the status, as “waiting for traveler”, you may cancel the order by clicking the “cancel order” button on the order page.


If your order has been matched with a traveler, only your traveler can cancel the order. Due to the various return policies of retail stores where travelers purchase your item, once a traveler is matched with your order, refunds cannot be issued in most cases.


If you would like see if a cancelation for your order may be possible after it is matched with a traveler, please contact your traveler via the Grabr messenger. Travelers are are often willing to cancel the order from their end if they haven’t purchased your item yet, though cancelation cannot be guaranteed.

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