How to order your eBay items with Grabr

For eBay Shoppers


You can now shop Ebay products from the US through Grabr. Grabr is a worldwide community of travelers and shoppers. We connect you with travelers who will buy and personally deliver your order quickly and securely, saving you time and money.


Why order your eBay item with Grabr?  

  • Access more items. You can order items that aren’t normally available in your country. Explore new items available to you through Grabr by switching your location to the US.
  • Save money. Enjoy lower US prices & avoid slow and expensive international shipping rates.
  • Enjoy more peace of mind. Your payment is securely held in escrow until you confirm delivery of your item. Learn more about our money back guarantee here.
  • Receive your item quickly & securely. With Grabr travelers headed to your city every week and clear delivery windows, you no longer need to worry about your item getting lost or delayed in the international postal system.


How do I order an item from eBay with Grabr?

1. Switch your country to the US in order to shop thousands of additional eBay products that are not normally available in your country.

  • Change your primary shipping address here
  • Enter the following
    • Address Line 1: 67 35th St
    • Address Line 2: Ste C359
    • City: Brooklyn
    • State: New York
    • Zip Code: 11232-2018
    • Country: United States
  • Ensure “Save as primary address” is selected


Important: Please be mindful not to order anything directly through eBay to ship to this address. This address will simply allow you to browse products on eBay to order through Grabr.


2. Download our Chrome extension to easily and quickly shop these items. Alternatively, click the Grabr banners on the top or right-hand size of your eBay item page to checkout with Grabr



As the majority of our travelers travel from the US and Canada, it’s best to order eBay items that ship from these countries. Ordering items that ship from other countries may increase the time it takes for your order to get matched with a traveler and for you to receive your product.

Grabr tip: Make sure your product comes from the US or Canada to ensure faster delivery!

3. You’ll be redirected to the Grabr checkout page. We’ll automatically fill in most of your product details for you!



4. Be sure to enter any product details, such as the size, color, model, etc. Many eBay items have multiple options. Please ensure the price matches your desired option, as pricing may differ depending on your product options. Please be as detailed as possible so your traveler can purchase your eBay item without delay!


5. On the next page, enter the following:

  • Deliver to: the city where you would like to receive your item
  • Deliver before: the latest date you would like to receive your item. Please select a delivery date at least two weeks out in the future. This gives your traveler time to receive your eBay item before flying to your city.
  • Add a note for your traveler: please add notes for your traveler, such as which neighborhoods you can collect your item in.



6. Securely pay for your item. Your payment will be placed securely on hold and won’t be released to your traveler until you confirm delivery of your item. Learn more about our money back guarantee here.



What happens after I pay for my order?

Congrats on completing your eBay order through Grabr. Now that you completed your order, you can rest assured that you’ll receive your order quickly with a Grabr traveler.


money-icon-4b.png 1. Your payment is held securely in Grabr’s escrow account until you confirm that you receive your item. Your order is protected by Grabr’s 100% money-back guarantee should you not receive your item.
community-icon-3b.png 2. You will be matched with a traveler who will purchase and deliver your item. Your payment is not released to the traveler until you confirm delivery of your item.

You’ll receive updates via email or push notifications (must be enabled) as your traveler works on delivering your item.



web_app-icon-1b.png 3. Use Grabr’s messenger, available on web and mobile, to coordinate delivery details with your traveler. You will receive emails and push notifications (if enabled) when you receive any new messages. Please keep an eye out in case your traveler has any questions about your order. You can learn more about communicating with your traveler here.
delivery-icon-11b.png 4. Meet your traveler and receive your item! After you confirm delivery, we’ll transfer your payment to your traveler. Remember to meet in a public place. You can learn more about trust & safety here. Be sure to leave your traveler a rating. Our two-way rating system ensures that both shoppers and travelers have a positive experience with Grabr.


Once you receive your item, please confirm delivery on your orders page. This completes your order with Grabr!


Be sure to leave a rating for your traveler. Our two-way rating system ensures that both shoppers and travelers have a positive experience with Grabr and allows other eBay users to enjoy purchasing their items with Grabr. You can learn more about what happens after paying for your order here.


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order for a full refund any time before a traveler has been matched. Once you’ve been matched, your payment is held in escrow and only your traveler can cancel the order. You can learn more about canceling your orders here.

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