Amazon Prime Day 2019: Terms + Conditions

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What is Amazon Prime Day? 

On July 15-16, 2019 Grabr shoppers around the world can get Amazon’s best deals of the year by shopping Amazon Prime Day

As a shopper, you don’t need to have Prime account on Amazon, to get access to the best deals in USA. 

How to Shop Prime Day?

  1. Create Amazon order on Grabr during July 15-16 

NOTE: To avoid cancellations, make sure you don’t request a product that is on “Lightning Deal”, as prices and availability change fast and Amazon cannot guarantee these orders. 

  1. Receive offer from Confirmed Prime Traveler
  2. Accept offers from Confirmed Prime Travelers right away and pay on Grabr to secure price and availability
  3. Receive your product from your Traveler 

What is a Confirmed Prime Traveler?

Since sale prices are limited in quantity and expire quickly, Grabr travelers who commit to ordering products before the sale ends and delivering them between July 16-August 16 will be awarded a special badge and featured as a Confirmed Prime Traveler.

To receive the Confirmed Prime Traveler badge, travelers must:

-Provide proof of an active Amazon Prime account to buy the products 

-Make offers on Amazon orders July 15-16

-Purchase products on accepted offers right away, before the sale ends July 15-16

-Provide proof of travel for delivery date between July 16-August 16

The Confirmed Prime Traveler badge will show on Grabr profiles on July 14. 

I’m a shopper. How do I secure the sale price? 

To secure best price and product, accept offers from Confirmed Prime Travelers as soon as you receive them.

To avoid cancellations, we recommend NOT creating orders for Lightning deals, as those expire quickly and there is no guarantee from Amazon on quantity available.

I’m a traveler. How do I apply to be a Confirmed Prime Traveler? 

Shoppers accept 5x more offers from travelers with badges, on average. 

To become a Confirmed Prime Traveler, apply here.

No applications will be accepted after July 10, 2019. 

Confirmed Prime Traveler Terms + Conditions 

  • Confirmed Prime Travelers have provided Grabr team proof of Prime membership and travel with a verified a delivery date between July 16-August 16, 2019.
  • Confirmed Prime Travelers agree to make offers in live-time July 15 and 16 during Amazon Prime Day, and to order products immediately as soon as their offer is accepted to secure the deal. 
  • Confirmed Prime Travelers agree not to make offers on “Lightning Deals” - as price and availability change fast and Amazon cannot guarantee these orders. 
  • If a Confirmed Prime Traveler does not complete delivery of Amazon Prime Day orders by August 19, 2019, their Traveler Rating score will be affected and in extreme cases, could be grounds to remove them from the Grabr platform.
  • “Confirmed Prime Traveler” badge appears next to “Community Rating” badge.
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