How to Make Money Traveling to Uruguay with Grabr

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Congratulations on your upcoming trip to Uruguay. It's an amazing country with beautiful architecture, cozy cafes and warm, friendly faces. To make sure you're off to a great start, we've included info on how to make money with Grabr.

Our travelers usually deliver a handful of items and earn upwards of $300 per trip. Not only will you make money traveling, you’ll meet amazing locals along the way.

1. Find orders you can deliver on your trip

Enter "Montevideo" as the city you are traveling to.

Then, browse orders that shoppers are requesting.

When you see an item you can deliver on your trip, click "Start Delivery." By clicking this button, it means that you are committing to delivering this order. 

2. Confirm order details

Use our messenger to confirm any order details with your shopper, like the size and color of their item.

3. Buy the item

Buy the item with your own money, from online stores like Amazon, Apple or Ebay.

4. Deliver and get paid!

Safely pack the item in your suitcase, travel and coordinate a meeting place with your shopper in a public place.

Once your shopper confirms on Grabr that they received their item, you will get reimbursed for the item and paid for delivery.

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