How does Grabr work?

For shoppers

Grabr is the go-to way to shop for products that aren’t available in your country or are too expensive to buy locally. You can order just about anything on Grabr, from baby clothes and kids toys to tech gadgets and nutritional supplements.

Here’s how it works:

Tell us about the item you are looking for

With Grabr, you can get any item from around the world. To get started, create an order for a product you want and include details such as where a traveler can buy it and how much it costs.

Wait for travelers to make delivery offers

Once you publish your order, we’ll share it with our entire traveler community. Then, travelers heading to your city will bid to deliver it by making an offer.

Agree on a monetary reward for your traveler

Grabr auto-calculates all applicable taxes and fees, including the monetary reward you agree to pay your traveler for delivering your item. If your traveler doesn’t deliver your order for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

Meet with your traveler and receive your item

Coordinate a time and public place to meet your traveler. When you receive your item, make sure to confirm delivery so that your traveler gets paid.

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