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What types of coupons do you have?

We have two types of coupon codes: discount coupons and referral coupons.

If you receive an invite to Grabr from your friend and use their special link to sign up, and get $10 off your first order.

You can also share your invite code with your friends to get $10 off after they receive their first order and $50 after they deliver one.

Please note that you can only use your invite code coupon or referral reward to redeem up to 50% of the grab total (item price + traveler fee). So, if the grab total is $50 and you get $50 off from referring your friend, you will be able to take a $25 discount (50% off). To fully use your $50 off reward, you will need to place a grab totaling $100 or more.

Periodically, we run promotional campaigns that offer special discounts, or promo codes. To receive these alerts, you can subscribe to our newsletter.


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