When do I get paid?

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You get paid after your shopper confirms delivery on Grabr. Your first payment may take approximately 10 days to transfer to your bank via our payment processor. All your subsequent payments will take 4-7 days to be visible in your bank account. Payment processing times vary depending on your payout method and whether or not this is your first payment.


Receiving payments via Stripe bank deposit

We initiate transfers to bank accounts within 3 days of a completed order. While Grabr submits transfers daily, most banks only process payments on business days and there can be a processing delay. So, if Grabr submits your payment on a holiday or weekend, your payment processing will most likely initiate on the following business day.

If you do not see the payment in your account within 7 business days, this probably means that the transfer has failed. In this case, your bank will contact us within 7 business days to inform Grabr of the incomplete transfer. Grabr will notify you about this issue and will advise how to go about making necessary corrections. Please note that your first payment may take up to 10 business days to process.

Receiving payment via PayPal transfer

We initiate transfers to PayPal accounts within 3 business days of a completed order. If you do not see payment to your PayPal account within 7 business days or if you don’t receive an email from PayPal, this probably means that the transfer has failed. In this case, please contact our customer service team. For more information about how PayPal works, click here.

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