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Grabr, a trusted peer-to-peer community marketplace connecting shoppers and travelers all around the world. With Grabr, shoppers gain access to US and overseas products they can’t find or afford locally.



Whether craving macarons from Paris or the latest gadget from New York, Grabr offers a faster and friendlier way to shop the world. With Grabr, shoppers bypass high price markups and expensive shipping fees by compensating trusted travelers to deliver these items during their trips. Travelers typically earn a fee of 15-20% of the item’s total cost.

At the same time, Grabr empowers travelers to monetize extra space in their suitcases. Most travelers earn upwards of $250 per trip if they deliver around 10 items. We also have bonus programs in place to encourage you to travel more often so you continue making money.


As part of our global community of shoppers and travelers, user trust and safety is our top priority. Please review our community guidelines before creating an order or making a delivery offer.


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