How to earn a $100 delivery bonus

For travelers

Thank you for delivering products and making shoppers happy!

To earn a $100 bonus*: 

1. Deliver 10 or more orders in one trip outside of your own country (each trip must be at least 7 days apart to qualify)

2. One of these items must be over $50

3. Share 1-2 pictures of you meeting with the shoppers: upload it in the form below or share it on Instagram / Facebook with the hashtag #grabrit (optional)

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If you have finished a trip meeting the criteria above, please fill out this form and we'll get back to you. Thank you!

*This bonus is not valid for grabs delivered to shoppers you are familiar with outside of the Grabr platform. Grabs delivered to friends, family members and individuals known outside of Grabr will not be counted towards the delivery requirements to qualify for this bonus. Grabs that are fraudulently created with the explicit purpose of achieving the delivery requirements will result in a permanent and irrevocable ban from the platform.

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