Why does Travel Squad keep canceling my orders?

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Since Travel Squad is busy coordinating the deliveries of many orders, they sometimes need to cancel orders, especially if it is overweight, oversized, out of stock or no longer available at the price listed in the order form.

This video rounds up some of the most common items that Travel Squad can’t deliver.

Here are a few tips to help you in the future.

*Order items that fit inside a normal size suitcase.

-It’s also a good idea to avoid overweight items that would require your traveler to check his bag (this would be an added expense for you).

*Don’t send entire wishlists

Some online stores, like Amazon, allow you to create Wishlists. However, when inserting the link for where to buy your item, please include the specific link for the item referenced in your order, rather than your Wishlist link.

When Travel Squad receives this link, it becomes difficult to organize your delivery.

*Avoid “too good to be true” sales and sites

When creating your order, we suggest you use links from trusted online sites, like Amazon, to ensure that your traveler can easily find, purchase and receive your item.

With sites that appear sketchy or misleading, the price of the item usually ends up costing more money than the promotion states.

This creates an extra step: Travel Squad might need to cancel the order due to the difference in price, and you’d have to create a new order with a more reputable retailer.

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