Can you explain all the fees I'm seeing?

For shoppers

When creating an order, you will see a few different charges that add to the total amount. The first is the product price, which is the price of the item sold at the retailer of your choice.

Here’s a breakdown of these charges, as shown in the image below.

Product price = this is the cost of the item you are requesting on Grabr.

If you found this item on sale, you should add a note to your traveler with the coupon code needed to attain the discounted price.

US Sales Tax = Grabr auto-calculates sales tax for US travelers, as this is a required fee for anybody buying an item in the United States.

If sales taxes are not applicable for the item you are requesting, please ask your traveler to uncheck the sales tax box when making the delivery offer.

International Delivery Fee = Includes your traveler’s reward for delivering your order as well as payment processing provided by Grabr.

Grabr uses machine learning to estimate this amount, but the traveler may offer a different amount. Expect to pay between 15-25% of the item’s total cost. 




Why is there a traveler fee?

Please note that there is a $5 minimum traveler fee. This fee is to cover the traveler's time and effort and is included in the International Delivery Fee. Keep in mind that regardless of the price of your item, travelers still need to take the time to purchase, pack and meet up to deliver the item.


Why is there a service fee

Grabr charges shoppers a service fee to cover transaction and development fees. This includes running operations and providing support among other business expenses. This fee is included in the International Delivery Fee.


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