I already ordered my item but it’s in another city. Can a traveler bring it to my current location?

For shoppers

For safety reasons, Grabr is not a platform that allows delivery of packages.

Travelers in our community first buy the shopper’s item with their own money. This is to ensure that they know exactly what is going into their suitcase before their trip. Then, once they arrive in their shopper’s city, they find a public place to meet.

Here’s how Grabr does work for shoppers, should you choose to order with us in the future.

  1. Create order
    Find the item you want from any online store (examples: Amazon, eBay) and paste the link. Then, choose your city. Grabr will auto-calculate the optimal delivery fee for your order.

  2. Accept delivery offer
    This ensures that your traveler has enough time to buy your item at the current price and pack it in their luggage.

  3. Pay securely
    After accepting an offer, pay for your order with any major credit card. This payment is held securely in Grabr’s escrow account until you confirm delivery. It is then sent to your traveler.

*Please note that your traveler will be buying your item with his or her own money first. For this reason, once you accept a delivery offer from a traveler, you are committed to the payment of the order.

  1. Communicate
    Confirm order details like size, color and specs with your traveler using our built-in messenger. Closer to your trip, coordinate a convenient time and place to meet.

  2. Receive your order
    Meet with your traveler and receive your order. Make sure to confirm delivery on Grabr so that your traveler gets paid.
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