What can I order on Grabr?

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Grabr is the go-to way to shop for products that aren’t available in your country or are too expensive to buy locally. 

Many shoppers order items on from the following online stores: Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Macy’s, Apple, Sephora, Nike, Best Buy, Gucci and Louis Vuitton among others.

Our shoppers order all sorts of items, from collectibles and books to baby clothes and toys to the latest tech gadgets. You can even delight your tastebuds with snacks from all over the world!

If the product you want isn't sold at an online store, you can still request it on Grabr! When creating an order, enter details, such as the location of the store where it can be purchased and the price, manually rather than pasting a link to where it can be bought online. 


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Can I order more than one item in the same order?

No, but you can request up to 10 units of the same item within one order. If you plan on creating several different orders, you can message the travelers who sent you delivery offers to let them know that you have more offers they can bid on. It’s usually easier to accept multiple items from the same traveler.

What should I not order?


Remember, with Grabr you are connecting with a real person who will buy your item and deliver it to your city. Unlike shipping and courier companies, our travelers need to be able to fit your item into their suitcase. 

Items that are particularly large, heavy or bulky may not receive any delivery offers because it will be difficult to transport. You also should not order any item that is illegal in your country. 



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