What is Grabr “Travel Squad?”

For shoppers

Travel Squad is a team of vetted frequent travelers who helps Grabr fulfill high order volume so many shoppers like yourself can receive your products sooner. For these orders, Travel Squad arranges all of the buying, packing and logistics so please be patient with their response times.

To receive your order as soon as possible, please accept their delivery offer. This allows Travel Squad to prioritize your order and purchase your product at the current price. We will confirm all product details (size, color and specs) with you once you accept the offer.

To maximize their speed and success, here are ways they work differently. Since Travel Squad travels frequently, they can make many more offers and deliver your products sooner. Due to high volume logistics, Travel Squad cannot keep your item's original packaging except in a few cases (only with our confirmation). Depending on luggage capacity, multiple orders may be assigned to different travelers.

As soon as Travel Squad assigns a traveler to your order, you will receive an update with the delivery details via our messenger.

Since these travelers coordinate many orders, please be patient with messaging and delivery times and allow for up to a two-week delivery delay.

Since they are managing a high volume of orders and messages, it can take up to 2 business days to receive a reply. If you have an urgent issue, please contact support (select support request 'Issue with order – Argentina > Travel Squad traveler').

How an offer from Travel Squad Argentina looks like:

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